My job as an Editor is to gently prod the attention of the audience to look at various parts of the frame. And that - I do by manipulating how and where I cut and what succession of images I work with.
— Walter Murch (Editor: Apocolypse now)


I've been fortunate enough to meet talented Musicians! From rock bands to tap dancers. Featuring Jason Kalish & Sarah Scollo from Las Vegas, NV and Advent Horizon, a local rock band in Salt Lake City. 


These commercial spots & advertisements have come from all sorts of companies, small businesses, & even Behind The Scenes with film festivals. We will go draft by draft until your ad/commercial is polished with a shine!


Most of these videos have been thanks to the choreography of Emmy Award winner, Bonnie Story (High School Musical). Through her workshops, we've been able to let dancers enhance their craft and move through the screen.         


Have a lot of wonderful wedding footage, but stumped how to put it together? Let me help you tell your story from beginning to end. Couples love choosing their favorite songs and watching their best memories play before them. 



This collection contains both editing & directorial work of my own creation. Let me know your thoughts!                                                              


Looking to edit something fast paced, exciting, or something with rythm and heart? Trailers are some of my favorite videos to edit. I love being able to capture the story in a quick exciting display of beautiful images. 


Extremely grateful to have some big names trust me with displaying their portfolio. These people have done work directly in LA as well as around the globe. Their portfolio speaks for themselves, the editing is just the cherry on top. 


This is a nice group of videos arranged from a variety of subjects. Biology, endangered species, mechanics, travel, you name it. Lets get the best footage together and share these messages!